Praising God throughout the year through His Words and His Creation.

Welcome to God's Splendor

God's Splendor celebrates the wonders which God has provided us in our daily lives combined with the wisdom of God's Words. There are many photographs and calendars which provide absolutely stunning pictures of the wonders which God has created but they do not necessarity exist in each person's everyday life. God has provided wonders which can be seen by just walking out our front doors and looking. Those 'everyday' wonders are what we celebrate at God's Splendor and use in our calendars.

Our first calendar contains flowers which grow around our house. Each flower is amazing in its beauty and detail. Each is its own unique work of art which God has provided to us and are available, in our case, just outside our doors. God has provided plenty of wonderous beauty which is available to us within short distances of our own homes. He has provided this beauty for us to enjoy and to live in the splendor of his creation.

We will provide many free desktop backgrounds. Initially they will be based upon our current calendar. Throughout the year we will add additional content including new desktops generated from pictures which may be used in future calendars as well as Adobe PDF format documents of various calendar months.

We will initiate a Facebook presence which will be used to solicit suggestions for our future calendars as well as our inspirational pictures and available images for download.
We look forward to providing inspirational calendars and photos as we move forward.